Thanks for your interest in obtaining a Pro account with Unior USA. We believe we make the finest quality hand tools in cycling and we’re excited to see your interest in using the best. We’ve recently revamped our Pro ordering policies and anyone interested, no matter if you’ve had Pro-deal access in the past, will have to go through this new application process.

Please note that access to Pro pricing is not a given. We want to ensure that those people given access to a Pro account are also those that will talk up our brand and help us grow. We have to get something in exchange for the discount, right?

Please go through the following FAQ before filling out the form below If you still have questions, check in with us at before submitting the application.

Also, keep in mind that by signing up for Pro access, you’re agreeing with being added to our mailing list if you’re not on it already. Don’t stress, we average one email a month.

Q: What’s a Pro?
A: Anyone gainfully employed in the cycling industry in a consumer-facing position. We’re looking for people that care about the quality of their work, that care about the quality of the tools they’re working with, and want to help us spread the word of high-quality hand tools. If you’re not in a position where the public or media will see you using our tools, please still feel free to apply, but realize you’ll need other qualifications.

Q: How do I sign up to become a Pro?
A: Create a user account as normal on our website ( and then email us at — We’ll have a little back and forth, verify your credentials, and if you’re accepted into the program we’ll give you an exclusive discount code that only your account can use.

Q: Can I buy tools for other people?
A: No.

Q: Can I buy tools for my shop to sell?
A: No. Get your shop manager or owner to create a dealer account for that.

Q: I applied but haven’t gotten a response. What gives?
A: If it’s been more than 2 business days check in with us at

Q: I bought the wrong tool. Can I return or exchange it?
A: If the tool is as-new, still in its packaging, obviously unused, we’ll accept returns and exchanges. Shipping both ways is on you, though. If somehow we shipped you the wrong thing, we’ll take care of it.

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Within 1 business day for all in-stock tools, usually. Sometimes we shut down to go to events like Sea Otter, NAHBS, and so on, but that’s rare.

Q: What’s the warranty on Pro orders?
A: The same as our retail orders: Lifetime against manufacturer’s defects in materials and construction. With that said, wear and tear through normal, ordinary use is not covered.

Q: What would cause me to lose Pro access?
A: This program is meant for personal use. If you’re buying for your store’s inventory, buying for a friend, et cetera, you’ll get cut off. Publicly badmouthing the product will get you cut off. We have an interest in building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our Pros. Treat us nice and we’ll treat you nice.