Try as we might, occasionally a few pieces will show up to our US warehouse with some cosmetic damage from shipping or, even more rarely, the wrong part number stamped onto the tool. If you’re OK with a less-than-perfect piece, there are some good deals to be found here. Our current blem stock is listed below. Contact us if you’re interested in grabbing a piece or two.

SKUCodeDescriptionSizeQuantity AvailableRegular PriceBlem Price
6242191783/1Suspension Socket – Slight Cosmetic Blemish32mm117.998.99
6242171783/1Suspension Socket – Slight Cosmetic Blemish28mm213.996.99
6242151783/1Suspension Socket – Slight Cosmetic Blemish26mm212.996.49
6242151783/1Suspension Socket – Non-consequential manufacturing defect26mm112.996.49
6242141783/1Suspension Socket – Slight Cosmetic Blemish24mm110.995.49
6242901635/2APMavic R-Sys Spoke Wrench – Incorrect Labelingn/a38.994.49

If you’d like to include one of these with another order, please contact us after placing your order and we can include it in your shipment.

These items are sold as-is.