Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves

Product No. JLV48BLK

Introducing the best darn tubeless valve you'll stick in your rim. Made with a removable core for easy inflation, 3 tools on each cap (valve core tool, 3.2mm spoke key and 3.4mm spoke key) and a selection of rubber bits to ensure the perfect airtight fit.

Also, the valve nut has flats machined into it so you're free to put a spanner on it to either make sure it's good-n-tight or to get an overly tight one loose. Easy peasy.

Sold as pairs, the valves are offered in 7 colors and 2 lengths. The base takes a 4mm hex key to make sure you've got the valve nut good and tight, and the valves themselves are tyre insert compatible.

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