The Unior Crank Saver Kit

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Now through October receive a free Pro Pedal Wrench when you order a Crank Saver Kit.

Long Length for Extra Leverage

At 350mm in length stuck pedals will cower in fear. Remove the tightest pedals with ease.

Offset Openings

Our Professional-level pedal wrench has two offset 15mm openings so you can easily access the pedal's wrench flats regardless of what position they're in.

Organized and Efficient

Time is money, don’t waste it looking for where you left the inserts or the reaming tap. Know at a glance how many inserts you have left so you know when to stock up.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Laser-cut SOS Foam Organizer

The laser-cut foam trays used in the Crank Saver Kit are made of the same that we use in our workbench tool trays, so you know it’ll last.

Compact Size

At 13" x 8" x 2.25" the Crank Saver Kit doesn't take up unnecessary space in your shop. Save your shop space for the tools you're using every day.

Built to Last

For 100 years we’ve been making tools for professionals. We know that you rely on your tools and that’s why we work hard to build them to the highest standard, with no shortcuts. We own our production and take immense pride in our work, just like you.

Strong Thread Inserts

When installed properly these tool-steel inserts provide a thread even stronger than the original.

Steel Carrying Case

The steel case is built to last and is covered in the same Qualicoat finish we use on our tool boxes.

Unior Crank Saver Kit 1695MB1
Unior Crank Saver Kit 1695MB1
Unior Crank Saver Kit 1695MB1
Unior Crank Saver Kit 1695MB1

Crank Saver Kit – 1695MB1-US

  • Unior’s all-in-one crank pedal thread repair kit
  • Includes everything needed to safely repair almost any crank

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Unior’s Crank Saver Kit (1695MB1-US) is an all-in-one solution for salvaging otherwise damaged crank arms. The kit includes our reaming pedal taps, a tap handle, and pedal thread inserts all organized nicely in a plastic case and our exclusive SOS foam cut-outs.

Additional information
Weight4.7 lbs
Dimensions13 × 8.5 × 2.5 in

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