We just got a note from Win Allen about an event he worked recently that was a little different than most bike races: RAW, or Race Across the West. RAW is a qualifier for the Race Across America (RAAM) and covers the first 930 miles of the RAAM course.

Read more about it below:

Last month I worked as the Crew Chief / mechanic for a solo rider (Greg Robinson) doing his second Race Across The West (RAW). For those of you who are not familiar with this race it starts in Oceanside, CA. and finishes 930 miles later in Durango, CO. This kind of race is very hard on the rider and the crew. We were a crew of 4. Two were first timers crewing, the other two were seasoned crew members.

No matter how many endurance events you do (and I’ve done a lot) they are all different, from the crew to the items you think the rider is going to need/want. So you end up taking everything, including the kitchen sink. The riders taste in food, drink, clothing, bike changes quite a bit during these events.

As the Crew Chief you put a ton of stress on your body from the major lack of sleep, weather, worrying about your rider and what he is going through, the reliability of your race vehicle, sleep/rest strategy for your rider, making sure that your crew is all getting along and doing their job properly, did I pack enough…

With all of that said I still look forward to doing them. It helps when you have a company like Unior making sure you have what you need if or when the need arises. There were only a few time that I needed to open my Unior Pro Kit Tool Case and one of the time was to work on the race vehicle, worked great to get that work done just like on the bikes.

If you at a cycling event and see me there come by and I’ll give you a tour of my Unior race tool case.

Win Allen

Note from Unior USA: With Win’s help, Greg wound up finishing 2nd in class with a time of 3 days, 0 hours, 46 minutes.