For those that weren't aware, Win used to work with the Liquigas-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, and while there he met and forged a strong relationship with Cameron (Cam) Wurf. Cam, now racing triathlons, was recently in California doing some aero testing at the Velo Sports Center Velodrome and asked Win to come help him for the day.

Cam and I go back to our days on the Liquigas/Cannondale team. We were both native English speakers on a predominantly Italian team, and as a result we gravitated towards each other. Since retiring from the World Tour after the 2014 season Cam has taken up triathlon and regularly looks to me for help anytime he’s doing something with a bike.

In mid-January of this year we went to the Velo Sports Center Velodrome in Carson, CA. to do some aero testing for the upcoming triathlon season. We started off the day at a comfortably early 8am, and my first task was to setup my work area so I could install a SRM Power Meter on Cam’s 2017 Pinarello Bolide TT bike. The same bike he set the Ironman World Championship Kona bike course record on in 2017.

After the power meter was installed it was time to install the first of the many different wheel combos we were testing with. One of the major considerations when doing this sort of testing is to eliminate variables so the benefits (or lack of) of a particular component can be properly identified. To keep the variables to a minimum we used the same tire, tube, cassette and rotors for each wheel test. That means that each time we used a different wheel all of those components need to be moved to the new wheel being tested. In total I installed and removed tires and tubes 17 times, cassettes 9 times, rotors 9 times and the power meter 2 times.

It was more than a wheel test, however, as we also tested the differences between a 2017 Pinarello Bolide TT (rim brake bike) and a 2019 Pinarello Bolide TR (disc brake bike). We also tested wheels from Swiss Side, Shimano, Princeton Carbon Works, with Continental tires being used on all the wheels.

Track time is expensive and time spent swapping parts is money wasted. I was glad to have my Unior Pro Kit with me to help make those changes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I can’t give any more details of equipment we tested or the data that we got. This sort of testing doesn’t come cheap and there’s no sense in giving away all that information!

All and all it was a good day at the track with lots of data acquired that should help Cam go a lot faster at his next triathlons.