For many reasons, I don't think a cycling team can ask for a better mechanic than Win Allen. The fact that he owns and operates a successful service-only bike shop and has Pro Tour experience is one thing, but with a name like Win there's a constant reminder of the objective of any cycling team: to win races.

For 2019 Win will be working with the Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team and sent in this missive from their recently concluded training camp in Fayetteville, Arkansas:

It’s late January and I am headed to training camp to meet my new team (Hagens Berman Axeon) in Fayetteville, AR.

I’ve been doing this for a long time but with a new team, riders, sponsors, staff, etc. you just never know how well you’ll fit in. A lot of the staff on this team have been together for a long time, it can be hard to break into that circle. Not the case with this team, I was welcomed with open arms! After spending 10 days with this team I feel that I’m a real part of the team.

Like with any business/team there is a hierarchy, and though I’m new to this program I felt all of my years of doing this for other teams had a real value. I was never told “well that how we do it here and that’s the way it is”. If I had a question or suggestion it was listened to and considered. I must say it was quite refreshing to be met with that kind of an attitude versus what I’ve experienced elsewhere.

The town of Fayetteville couldn’t have been a better host! We set up “camp” in the town center. We weren’t there for more than 10 minutes be for the businesses started coming out and introducing themselves and asking if we needed anything. There is a real sense of community in Fayetteville.

We were asked by pretty much every person that walked by “what are you doing here”? We stopped what we were doing and explained our reason for being there. The response from everybody was “thank you for being here”, “happy you’re here”, “this area really loves their bikes”, everyone was so positive! When you have the support of the community it makes your life much easier.

The weather ended up being a bit of a challenge. Our first day never got out of the 20s. It warmed up to the 60s midweek and then our last day was single digits to the teens. We had sunny days, cloudy days, windy days, rainy days, and rain/ice/snow days. A few of the days were a bit challenging since we were working outside.

All and all we got done what needed to get done. Got all of the riders set up on their new Pinarello Dogma F10 Disc with SRAM AXS E-Tap 12 speed, Zipp Wheels, Bars, Stems, Pirelli Tires, Speedplay Pedals. Glued up new Pirelli tubulars on all of the race wheels too. Organized the trailer and prepped everything that would be going to Tour of Colombia directly from this camp. The last day of camp we packed all of the riders bikes, some were headed home and others were headed to South America to begin racing.

My next event with the team will be Redlands Bicycle Classic in California. Look for another Unior Dispatch following that race.