Electronic Torque Wrench - 266B

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Take the guesswork out of setting your vernier-style torque wrench with Unior's new digital torque wrench. With two models covering everything from 1 to 85 newton meters, you can work easy knowing you won't overtighten that stem bolt.

The wrench alerts via beep when you've reached your required torque value as well as indicates that you're approaching it via two LEDs on the display panel. The LCD display also can be set to track the currently applied torque, showing you the instantaneous torque value as you tighten your fastener.

Torque can be measured and set in a number of units:

  • Newton-meter
  • inch-pound
  • foot-pound
  • kilogram-centimeter

The smaller, 1 - 20 Nm version, has a 1/4" square drive ratchet head on it while the larger 4.2 - 85 Nm operates with a 1/2" drive, perfect for our bottom bracket sockets.

Each wrench is powered by 1 x AAA battery, not included. To extend the life of that battery the units automatically power off after 5 minutes of idle. The warranty on these wrenches is 1 year or 10,000 cycles.

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