Ratchet Wrench - 190.1/1ABI-US

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We make some pretty nice ratchets. In our forging facility in Zreče, Slovenia we drop forge chrome-vanadium blanks into ratchet bodies, machine them, chrome plate them, and then assemble them into the fine tools you see here.

The 1/2" version has 75 pawls offering 4.8 degree engagement. Its handle is 260mm long for plenty of leverage when you really need to torque something down (or break it free). Meanwhile, our 1/4" version has 40 pawls that give a 9 degree engagement. Its 157mm long tip-to-tail.

The 3/8" version also has 75 pawls and 4.8 degree engagement with a handle length of 200mm.

All have a double-component handle which makes for a comfortable tool that's enjoyable to use. All-in-all, they're everything you ought to be looking for in a ratchet.

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