Screw Grabbing Pliers - 407/4DP-US

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Put away the drill and screw extractors. Unior's new 407/4DP Screw Grabbing Pliers are a quicker and easier way to loosen screws with stripped profiles.

More and more fasteners are coming with shallower heads which makes precise hex and Torx key fitment crucial. Unfortunately there are a lot of imprecise tools out there on the market and it's not uncommon to see a rounded out rotor bolt or stem bolt, not to mention countless others.

Enter the new 407/4DP. The "vertical" serrations on the jaws work to really bite into the fastener giving you a new attack vector in the war on stripped screws.

Designed to fit bolt heads from 3 to 13mm in diameter, the 170mm length gives plenty of leverage for biting into even the most stubborn of screws.

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