DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

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DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid will guarantee beautiful brakes all the way from the chair lift to the bar. It has a super-high boiling point to keep brakes sharp and fade-free and will perform well on the longest, nastiest of Alpine descents.

Tested at World Cup downhill races and white-knuckle summer Morzine laps, DOT 5 works with DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 Glycol-Ether based fluid systems.

Don’t forget. Brake Fluid is good but it won’t work with badly bled brakes, rubbish rotors and pooped pads. Always keep your brakes tip top so Brake Fluid can work its magic.

Not suitable for DOT 5 silicone based or mineral oil based systems.

130ml bottle.


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