We’ve started a project build on our YouTube channel and we’re calling it Project Roddy.

WHO: Chris Kreidl, ops guy at Unior USA

WHAT: 2019 Commencal Meta HT

WHEN: Ongoing

WHERE: Unior USA’s offices

WHY: Which part of why? I wanted a new bike, my friends at Commencal, STANS, SRAM, and a few others were kind enough to help out with some equipment, and it seemed like a good idea. Why “Roddy”? This bike is designed to get rowdy, and being a product of the 80s when I hear the word “rowdy” I think of Rowdy Roddy Piper, so the name seemed fitting.

HOW: Follow along on our YouTube channel as I post videos documenting each step of the build. Or most steps. Some things I’ve covered in other videos, other things are pretty self-explanatory, and to be honest I’m so eager to get riding this thing I might skip ahead a few steps just to get it done sooner. As amateur as these videos are, they take a decent amount of time to make!

Episode 1 has already been posted, covering installation of a 6-bolt disc brake rotor. Check it out and subscribe to our channel for notifications of future episodes.