Our friends in Slovenia have been pretty busy designing some new stuff and finding ways to make our current line of bicycle tools even better. We’ll hopefully have some of these tools here towards the end of 2018, October-November or so, depending on availability.

1671 Bottom Bracket Sockets

Most exciting for 2019 is our 1671 Aluminum Bottom Bracket Sockets. Available in 5 fitments for standard 16-notch, BB9000, BBR60, BSA30, and Mega-Evo, these sockets mark the beginning of a new production philosophy for Unior.

1693.1Q Pro Shop Clamp

Featuring a brass handle to fine tune the clamping pressure and a quick-release so you can move on to the next bike even quicker, this will be a welcome add-on to any of our work stands.

1693R Pro Road Stand

A new fork-mount bike work stand from Unior that’s height-adjustable and can be rotated to more easily access underneath the bottom bracket for those cable runs.

Also available with a steel plate base for shop use if your shop works on lots of triathlon or time-trial bikes.

1757 2-for-1 Disc Brake Tool

A combination of our existing 1750/2BI Piston Spreader and our 1666/2DP Rotor Truing Wrench, this new tool allows you to cover both functions with one tool, speeding up your work and lightening your toolbox.

2600E Bearing Service Tray

A welcome addition to the Shared Tray sets of tools for our work benches, this 2600E Bearing Service Tray contains everything you’d normally find in our 689/2BI Inner Bearing Puller and our 1721 Universal Bearing Press sets.

2650-BI Pedal Genie

Don’t be a dummy! If you work in a shop or if you travel with your bike and have to often take the pedals off, you know the risk of catching a finger between the chainring and chain. It’s customary to just spin the cranks with your finger when building the bike and setting the derailleurs and brakes, but it’s not unheard of to get a finger caught. It’s happened to us…