Introducing Our New Rolling Shop Stools

New and made in the USA

We’ve had a few customers ask us about shop stools. That presented a bit of a problem since shop stools aren’t really something we make. We could have taken the easy route and sourced a stool from some random company and been left with what’s ultimately a subpar product, but that’s really not how we operate.

After a little bit of searching we found a class-leading American manufacturer that could produce something at a price point that made sense for us. No doubt about it, these are more expensive than the other guys, but we think you’re getting a better stool for your money.

The larger casters will roll easily over any debris on the shop floor. The pneumatics are higher quality and will last longer. They’re comfortable enough to use all day, I’ve been using one as a desk chair for months. And they’re made in the USA.

The seat height is adjustable with a range of 15.5″ to 21″ from the floor. The top has approximately a 14″ diameter, and the four legs each extend about 10″ from center for a stable platform. The base is all welded to last for years. 2.5″ diameter casters will easily roll over small imperfections in the shop floor or any debris that may have fallen. Simply put, this is a professional-grade stool.