The old adage of “a clean bike is a happy bike” couldn’t be truer. What’s more, a clean bike makes for a happy mechanic as well.

My time as a professional team mechanic stressed the importance of cleanliness. The aesthetics of a clean bike aside, the process of cleaning one’s bike gives the opportunity to inspect it for any sort of damage that needs attention before it becomes a significant problem. Over the 10 years I spent working on the race circuit I found more than a few cracked frames and twisted chains during my cleaning and inspection process.

Unior is a tool company, not a chemical company. We know what we’re good at and we’re going to stick to what we know. How else would we be approaching our 100th anniversary next year? When the opportunity came up to partner with Hirobel and offer their Gear Wipes to our customers the decision was easy.

Hirobel’s Gear Wipes use a grit-free cleaning formula that is safe for your bike’s finish and strong enough to clean even the dirtiest bikes. They include more cleanser per wipe than other brands for even more effective cleaning. We offer the 110-count canisters, which at $30 is a bargain.