Bicycle Chain Tools

1647/2ABI-US, 624900 - Professional Chain Tool

The chain is arguably one of the most important pieces of a bicycle, so it makes sense to look after it. Luckily there’s not a lot required to keep on top of chain wear: a wear indicator and a chain tool will do the trick. Here you’ll find a line of tools designed for everyone from the enthusiast to the professional mechanic.

Professional Chain Wear Indicator - 1643/4

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Professional Chain Tool - 1647/2ABI-US

Replacement Chain Tool Pins - 1647.1/4A

Master Link Removal Pliers - 1720/2DP-US

Manual Chain Wear Indicator - 1644/2

Chain Tool - 1647HOBBY/4P

Mini Chain Tool+ w/Valve Core Remover - 1647/5MINI

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