16-Notch Bottom Bracket Socket - 1671 - 627623

Aluminum Bottom Bracket Sockets – 1671

  • Five new bottom bracket sockets for the ever increasing number of threaded bottom bracket types
  • Designed and manufactured in our facilities in Slovenia, Europe
  • 1/2" drive with a knurled exterior for grip when installing or removing cups by hand
Taper Thread Crank Puller - 1662/4

Square Taper Crank Puller – 1662/4

  • Removes square taper crank arms
  • The threads on the tool are tapered to more effectively work with damaged threads on the crank
Ratcheting Bottom Bracket Wrench Hx8 - 1621/1ABI-US

14mm Socket and 8mm Hex Ratchet Wrench – 1621/1ABI-US


  • Double-sided ratchet includes 14mm socket and 8mm hex
  • 75 tooth ratchet for quick, solid engagement
  • Dual-material handle holds up to years of shop use
Tool For Removing Bottom Bracket BB90 - 1625/2BB90

BB90 Removal Tool – 1625/2BB90

  • Removes bearings on BB90 bottom brackets 
  • Delrin guard protects frame finish
  • Also available for BB30
Tool For Removing Bottom Bracket Bearing BB30 - 1625/2

BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearing Removal Tool – 1625/2

  • Removes bearings on BB30 bottom brackets
  • Delrin safety ring protects frame finish
Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool - 1671.2/4

8 Tooth Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool – 1671.2/4

  • Removes & installs 8-tooth bottom bracket cups [Shimano, ISIS]
  • This tool works best with our 1/2″ Ratchet
Shimano Hollowtech II Preload Bolt Tool

Shimano Hollowtech II Crank Bolt Tool – 1609.1

  • 8mm hex included in the center for getting those overly-snug caps loose
  • Glass-fiber reinforced construction means it'll last a long time
  • Compatible with all Hollowtech-II cranksets
Unior Crank Saver Kit 1695MB1

Crank Saver Kit – 1695MB1-US

  • Unior's all-in-one crank pedal thread repair kit
  • Includes everything needed to safely repair almost any crank
Wrench For Front Chain Ring Nuts - 1668/2

Chainring Nut Wrench – 1668/2

  • Used to hold chainring nuts when changing chainrings
  • Includes 10mm hex driver which doubles as a hanging hole
Unior 1607/4 Fixed Bottom Bracket Cup Tool, 616293

Bottom Bracket Fixed Cup Tool – 1607/4

  • Allows for easy removal of stubborn, hard to manage fixed cups
  • Also can be used for bottom bracket cup installation
  • Fits cups with 35.8 & 36.3mm flats