Housing Cutters – 584/4BI-US

  • Specifically designed for cutting housing
  • Hardened and tempered blades for clean cuts every time
  • Dual density ergonomic handle provides comfort and leverage
627087 - 1757/2DP

2-in-1 Disc Brake Tool – 1757/2DP-US

  • Combines our Pad/Piston Spreader with our Rotor Truing tool for ultimate portability
  • Double-dipped handle for comfort
  • Tool steel construction for durability and a long life
Set of T-Handle wrenches 193hxcb8, 626412

8-piece T-Handle Hex Set – 193HX-US

  • This set of double end Hex Wrench provides torquing power and speed
  • The Red and Orange handle fits comfortably in your hand
624932 - Integrated Cassette Lockring Wrench w/Guide – 1670.8/2BI-US

Integrated Cassette Lockring Wrench w/Guide – 1670.8/2BI-US

  • Compatible with any Shimano or SRAM-style cassette lockring
  • Integrated handle makes for easy use
  • Guide pin ensures the tool won't slip out
Freewheel Remover - 1670/2BI-US

Cassette Wrench – 1670/2BI-US

  • Two configurations: one for 10/11/12t small-cog cassettes, one for 13/14t small-cog cassettes
  • Ridges on the outside of the pins provide a secure grip on the cassette
  • Access hole allows for a cassette lockring tool to fit
Three Legged Hex Wrench 4mm x 5mm x 6mm

Three-way Wrench – 1781/2-US

  • Offered in a total of 5 different configurations for every purpose imaginable!
  • Three hex versions, one torx, one 1/4" socket
  • Quicker than a multitool
  • Lightweight ergonomic handle
1647/2ABI-US, 624900 - Professional Chain Tool

Professional Chain Tool – 1647/2ABI-US

  • Installs & removes chain pins
  • Compatible with 5-12 speed chains
  • Oversized, dual-material handles
Chain Wear Indicator - 1644/2

Manual Chain Wear Indicator – 1644/2

  • A simple Go/No-Go gage for your chain
Unior Bicycle Mechanics Handbook, Vol 1 - 627300

Unior Bicycle Mechanics Handbook

  • Written by instructor Denise Belzil of Techno Cycle in Montreal, a renowned bicycle mechanic training center
  • Volume 1 is comprised of 274 pages on Hub, Bottom Bracket, and Headset maintenance
  • Volume 2 is 318 pages on Gear and Brake systems
  • Spiral bound to lay flat on your workbench
  • Laminated pages for durability