Frame and Fork

Frame and Fork Tools for Bicycles

It’s not just the components on your bike that need attention, sometimes the frame does too. Derailleur hangers get bent, fork steerer tubes need to be cut, headset cups need to be pressed in, and so on. If you have to do some sort of maintenance task involving the frame, you’ll find the tools for that here.

Derailleur Hanger Alignment Guide - 1602/2

Steerer Tube Saw Guide - 1604/2PLUS

Universal Bearing Press - 1721

Rear Triangle Spreader - 1678/2BI-US

Dropout Alignment Gauges - 1692/4

Bottom Bracket Facing Cutter - 1699.1

Head Tube Reaming and Facing Cutters - 1694.1

Bottom Bracket Facing Guide – 1699.4BSA, 1699.4ITAL

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Bottom Bracket Tap Holder - 1697.2/4, 1698.2/4

Frame for 1699 Bottom Bracket Facer - 1699.2/4

Handle for Modular Frame Prep Tools - 1695.1/4BI

Bottom Bracket Facing Tool - 1699

Bottom Bracket Tap - 1697, 1698

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Headtube Reamer and Facer - 1694

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