Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool - 1602/2

Derailleur Hanger Alignment Guide – 1602/2

  • Accurately aligns derailleur hanger for proper shifting
  • Narrow profile mounting bolt compatible with most frame designs
  • Strong design allows for precise adjustments
Frame Alignment Tool - 1692/4 - 618412

Dropout Alignment Gauges – 1692/4

  • Confirms whether the dropouts front or rear are aligned properly
  • In some cases allows one to correct dropout alignment
Steerer Cutting Guide - 1604/2plus - 623417

Steerer Tube Saw Guide – 1604/2PLUS

  • Ensures a straight cut on Steerer Tubes
  • Adapters included for all steerer sizes, 1"-1.5"
  • Two saw openings allows for use with standard hacksaw blade and Ceramic saw blade
  • Designed to fit into a bench vise
Unior 1678 Frame Spreader Tool

Rear Triangle Spreader – 1678/2BI-US

  • Enables one to easily remove & replace tires and tubes on bikes that would otherwise be a struggle such as those with chain guards, fenders, and internally geared hubs.
  • Create a more efficient service department by drastically cutting the time needed for such repairs.
  • Ratcheting mechanism holds the tool open freeing your hands to work on the tube and tire.
  • (Note: US version of the tool has a red and orange handle, photo coming soon.)
Unior Headtube Reamer and Facer - 1694 - 626480

Headtube Reamer and Facer – 1694

  • Reams head tube to the proper inner diameter for a 1 1/8" headset cup
  • Faces head tube to ensure parallel faces perpendicular to the steering axis
  • Part of our modular frame prep series, creating a compact frame prep toolkit
Unior 1697 BSA Bottom Bracket Tap - 626475

Bottom Bracket Tap – 1697, 1698

  • 1697 model is for BSA threads, 1.34" x 24tpi
  • 1698 model is for Italian threads, 36mm x 24tpi
  • Part of our modular frame prep series
Unior Bottom Bracket Facing Tool - 1699 - 626477

Bottom Bracket Facing Tool – 1699

  • Machines bottom bracket shell faces flat and perpendicular to the BB axis
  • Part of our modular frame prep series
  • Use with our other tools to prep a new frame
Handle For Modular Frame Prep Tools - 1695.1/4BI-US

Handle for Modular Frame Prep Tools – 1695.1/4BI

Frame for 1699 Bottom Bracket Facer - 1699.2/4

Frame for 1699 Bottom Bracket Facer – 1699.2/4

  • Combine with the handle from our other frame prep tools to create a bottom bracket facer
  • Add a handle, cutter, and facing guide for a complete tool
  • Useful if you already have one of our other prep tools & want to expand
BSA Bottom Bracket Tap Holder - 1697.2/4

Bottom Bracket Tap Holder – 1697.2/4, 1698.2/4

  • Used to convert our bottom bracket tap system to either BSA or Italian threading
  • Two tap holders required