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General Shop Tools for Bicycles

There’s nothing bike-specific about a hammer or combination wrench, but you’ll likely find yourself needing one at some point in your bike maintenance efforts. Unior’s position as one of the world’s leading tool manufacturers means we’ve got a full line of hand tools to help you accomplish whatever the task might be, bike-related or otherwise.

Strap Wrench - 1705/2DP-US

Diagonal Side Cutters - 461/1VDEBI

Flat Bladed Screwdriver - 603VDETBI

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Phillips Screwdriver - 613VDETBI

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Adjustable Pin Spanner Wrench - 253/2DP-US

8/10mm Flare Nut Wrench - 183/2

Bastard Cut Flat File with Handle - 763HB-US

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Long Needle Nose Pliers - 508/1VDEBI

7x8mm Open End Combination Wrench - 110/1

Round File with Handle - 763HB-US

External Retaining Ring Circlip Pliers - 532PLUS/1DP-US

Needle Nose Pliers - 506/1VDEBI

Adjustable Box Slip Joint Pliers - 449/1PYTHON-US

Internal Retaining Ring Circlip Pliers - 536PLUS/1DP-US

1/4" Drive Metric Hex Bits - 187/2HX

Mallet - 820A

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