External Lock Rings Pliers 532PLUS/1DP-US, 625125

External Snap Ring Pliers – 532PLUS/1DP-US

  • Angled pins keep retaining ring from flying off during installation / removal
  • Sturdy pivot keeps tool from folding over as you're working
  • Double dipped handle for comfort
Combination Pliers 160 - 406/1VDEBI

Combination Pliers – 406/1VDEBI

  • Drop forged, hardened and tempered
  • Chrome plated, polished head
  • Dual-material Grips
Long Nose Pliers With Side Cutter And Pipe Grip - 508/1vdebi

Long Needle Nose Pliers – 508/1VDEBI

  • Jaws are 61mm/2.4" long with serrated and cutting areas
  • Narrow 2mm tip will allow working with the smallest of items
  • Ergonomic dual-material grip