Tire and Tube

1657red, 624144 - Red Tire Levers

Need to seat a stubborn tire? We’ve got a killer set of Tire Seating Pliers made just for that! Need to change a tire? Our fiber-reinforced tire levers (or, for the really stubborn ones, our steel levers) can help you with that, no problem.

Want to quickly and consistently trim a mountain bike tire’s tread? In collaboration with Schwalbe, we’ve got a tool just for that also.

Red Set of Tire Levers - 1657RED

Black Set of Tire Levers - 1657BLACK

Green Set of Tire Levers - 1657GREEN

Metal Tire Levers - 1657/2A

MTB Tire Tread Cutter - 2730/4BI

Tire Seater - 1601/2DP-US

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