623448 - DT Swiss T20 Squorx Spoke Wrench - 1630/4DTPR

Whether you’re building a wheel or simply giving one a quick once-over to bring it back into true, Unior’s wheel tools are hard to beat. Our traditional-style spoke wrenches all feature 4-sided engagement while our open-end wrench style spoke wrenches cut down on the number of tools you need to keep with you. Our tensiometer is user-calibratable so you can ensure you’re delivering consistent spoke tension.

Speed Nipple Bit, 1.5mm - 1756

Speed Nipple Bit, 2.5mm - 1756

Nipple Insertion Tool - 1751/2T

Pocket Wheel Truing Tool - 1753/6

3.3mm Spoke Wrench - 1630/2A

Spring for Nipple Insertion Tool - 1751.1/7T

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3.3mm Professional Spoke Wrench - 1630/2P

Spoke, Cotter and Bearing Gauge - 1629

3.3mm / 3.45mm Double Sided Spoke Wrench - 1633/2P

Spoke Tension Meter - 1752/2

Aero Spoke Holder - 1632

Nipple Driver - 1751/2

3.45mm Spoke Wrench - 1630/2A

4.3mm / 4.4mm Shimano Double Sided Spoke Wrench - 1633/2P

Square-profile Nipple Driver - 1751/2Q

Round Spoke Wrench - 1631/2

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