Unior Ratcheting Combination Wrench Bundle
Unior Ratcheting Combination Wrench Bundle

Ratcheting Combination Wrench Bundle

Product No. bnd-ratchetingwrench

Our amazing ratcheting combination wrenches are now available as a set! Save 5% when you buy this package of 7 wrenches. Made from same high-quality forged construction Unior is known for, the 160/2 ratcheting combination wrenches are sure to help speed up your work.

All of them are made of heat-treated, forged chrome-vanadium steel. The ratcheting box-end has 72 teeth for a quick 5-degree engagement and also features a stop-ring to keep the wrench from sliding past the nut or bolt you're working on.

The ratchet works in both directions and is changeable with the slide of a button.

We include 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 17mm wrenches in this bundle.