Rolair JC10PLUS Rolair NOODLE Air Compressor Hose
Rolair JC10PLUS Rolair NOODLE Air Compressor Hose

Rolair JC10PLUS Air Compressor w/50' Hose

Product No. ke-combo

Gone are the days of having to hide the air compressor someplace inaccessible just to keep the noise down. The Rolair JC10PLUS operates at only 60 decibels, or the equivalent of a normal conversation, so you can keep it close and convenient. It has a 2.5 gallon reservoir and its 1hp motor gives a quick 14-second recharge time, so you'll never be waiting long to fill the next tire. With a max pressure of 125psi you'll be able to air up any bike tire that comes through your shop.

We package it with Rolair's 50-foot NOODLE hose, their strongest and most flexible. The hose includes an industrial-strength coupler so all you need to do is attach your favorite inflator and start pumping tires.

This compressor obviously isn't made by Unior. Unior doesn't make compressors. Unior USA wants to be your go-to outlet for anything your service department might need, though, so we were able to work out a deal to offer these to you.

If you desire something a bit bigger for your service department, contact us, and we'll make it happen.

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