619720 - Professional Truing Stand – 1689
619720 - Professional Truing Stand – 1689

Professional Truing Stand - 1689

Product No. 623059

Our heavy duty truing stand is compatible with a wide range of wheel sizes and hubs. It'll support any wheel from 16" to 29", with or without a tire. Plastic coated calipers protect your rims and open wide enough to clear fat bike rims up to 80mm wide. The base can be left freestanding on a workbench, mounted in a bench vise, or bolted down thanks to the pre-drilled bottom plate.

With the use of our hub adaptors you can easily mount 20mm, 15mm, 12mm thru axle hubs as well as Cannondale Lefty wheels in the stand for service. The base has storage spaces for the thru axle adaptors as well so they're always at the ready.

You can also add our optional Rotor Truing Gauge to the slotted upright to enable you to true disc rotors. The length of the slot allows for truing rotors of any size from 140mm to 200mm.

For the fat bike crowd we also make a set of replacement jaws that open up the rim capacity to 100mm and tire capacity to 5".