16-Notch Bottom Bracket Socket - 1671 - 627623

Aluminum Bottom Bracket Sockets – 1671

  • Five new bottom bracket sockets for the ever increasing number of threaded bottom bracket types
  • Designed and manufactured in our facilities in Slovenia, Europe
  • 1/2″ drive with a knurled exterior for grip when installing or removing cups by hand

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Unior has always focused its efforts on steel tools. As suppliers to some of the world’s most demanding industries, places where tools see all sorts of abuse and torques and stresses, steel was the only option if a tool was going to be made to last. When it came time to design a line of bicycle tools we stuck with what we knew, even if the materials and designs used were going to be overkill for the demands of the typical bicycle mechanic.

When we decided to create a line of bottom bracket sockets we took a close look at the stresses involved in freeing even the most stubborn bottom bracket cup and decided that aluminum, though a departure from our normal manufacturing processes, would be a suitable material. The tool is designed around a 1/2″ ratchet as are all our socket-style tools so it can be used with a torque wrench, ratchet handle, or even a big breaker bar for those really stuck cups. A knurled edge on the outside of the socket gives good grip when installing or removing a bottom bracket by hand.

The tools are CNC-machined for a high precision fit, keeping your bottom bracket cups looking fresh. After machining they’re anodized our signature red and laser-etched with the bottom bracket compatibility each tool is designed for.

Available for the following types of bottom brackets:

  • 16-notch
  • Shimano BB9000
  • Shimano BBR60
  • BSA30 (Threaded BB30)
  • FSA Mega-Evo
Additional information

16 Notch (Hollowtech-II Compatible), BB9000, BBR60, BSA30, Mega Evo


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