Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

  • 6 mil thickness for great durability in the shop
  • Grip Rite finish for super dexterity and grip
  • 50 pairs per box

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Some shop mechanics swear they’ll never work in gloves, that the feel and dexterity aren’t there. That’s not the case with these. We specifically chose these gloves because they offer a great combination of durability and dexterity. At 6 mil thick they’re sturdy enough for the toughest jobs, and their Grip Rite finish ensures a positive grip on whatever it is you’re working with. And since they’re powder-free they won’t leave a mess over your bike, your hands, or your clothes.

Why use gloves? We can think of a few reasons: DOT fluid is horrible for you; cleaning up for lunch is less involved so you can spend more time enjoying your pizza; and your customers probably won’t appreciate smudges on their pristine new white bar tape.

Give these a try. We’re sure you’ll love them. They come as a box of 50 pairs.

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