Spare Spring For Nipple Assembly Tool 1751.1/7T, 623300

Spring for Nipple Insertion Tool – 1751.1/7T

  • Pack of 5 replacement springs for the nipple assembly tool
  • Tool holds spoke nipples in place during wheel lacing
  • Spring loaded tool holds nipples securely yet easily gets out of the way when needed

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Feeding nipples into deeper section rims can be a pain. Old-timers will thread the nipple onto an extra spoke a turn or two and use that to guide it in to place, but there’s still the risk of it unthreading and falling into the rim.

Our nipple assembly tool is designed to carefully guide the spoke nipple to wherever you want it to go and hold it there while you begin threading it onto the spoke. It’s spring loaded so it comes off the nipple easily, yet still holds it secure enough to start working with it.

These replacement springs come as a pack of 5.

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Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions3.2 × 2.4 × 0.1 in

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