Universal Sprocket Remover For Threaded Hubs - 1722/2BI-US
Universal Sprocket Remover For Threaded Hubs - 1722/2BI-US

Universal Single-speed Freewheel Remover – 1722/2BI-US

  • Works with any single speed freewheel
  • Clamp screw holds freewheel body secure for removal
  • Long handle frees the most stubborn of freewheels

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Anyone that’s worked in a shop knows 3 things: 1) somewhere there’s a bin of random freewheel tools, 2) you never grab the correct one the first time, and 3) when you do find the right tool, the engagement points on the freewheel are generally rounded off so the tool doesn’t work anyway.

Alleviate all of those issues with the 1722/2BI-US Universal Freewheel Remover. The tool acts as a clamp on the freewheel body, and when combined with the long handle, provides a way to spin the freewheel off the hub.

Additional information
Weight1.709 lbs
Dimensions4.8 × 15.8 × 1.8 in

Red and Orange

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