Bottom Bracket Tap – 1697, 1698

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  • 1697 model is for BSA threads, 1.34″ x 24tpi
  • 1698 model is for Italian threads, 36mm x 24tpi
  • Part of our modular frame prep series

Threaded bottom brackets are making a comeback, no doubt about it. Ensure your frame’s bottom bracket threads are clean with our 1697 / 1698 Bottom Bracket Taps.


The 1697 is for BSA threads, 1.37 x 24tpi. The drive-side is left-hand threaded, non-drive side is right-hand threaded.


The 1698 is for Italian threads, 36mm x 24tpi. Both sides are right-hand threaded.


You can buy both, or you can buy one and a tap set, allowing you to use the same tool for both thread patterns. Explore our Bottom Bracket Tools category for more options.


The handle is part of our modular frame prep tool series, so if you already have one of our other frame prep tools you can buy just the pieces needed to create a functional BB tap set. If you need help figuring out what to get, feel free to contact us.

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