Hub Genie – 1758/4

Product No. N/A


  • Easily remove hub end caps without damage
  • Compatible with 12 & 15mm thru axle end caps
  • Also available for 20mm


The Unior Hub Genie is a unique solution for removing hub end caps while servicing the hubs or converting them to different standards. Thanks to the expanding mechanism, which grabs the hub cap evenly from the inside, even the most stubborn hub end caps are easy to pull-off. Compared with the traditional way of removing hub end caps, this tool won’t damage cups or hub. Simply genius.


The tool is available in two versions; a smaller one that covers hubs with 12 mm & 15 mm through axles, and a bigger version that works with 20 mm through axle hubs. Both versions feature plastic dipped handle for better ergonomics and grip.

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