Inner Bearing Puller – 689/2BI-US

Product No. 626629

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  • Compatible with most bearings from 6.5-36mm inner diameter
  • 1kg (2.2lb) slide hammer provides enough force to extract nearly any bearing
  • Double-component handle for comfort

In stock

Our bearing puller is a complete solution for removing the most common sizes of cartridge bearings used in bicycling.

  • A 1kg (2.2lb) slide hammer is attached to an expanding collet, which when fitted to a bearing, provides a quick and easy method of removing nearly any press-fit bearing.
  • Since the collets each fit a range of sizes, it’s unlikely you’ll find a bearing on a bike that this won’t work with.
  • Included with the 689/2BI bearing puller set are collets for bearings with an inner diameter of 6.5-8mm, 10-12mm, 12-15mm, 17-20mm, 22-28mm, and 30-36mm.


Check out a demonstration video here.


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