IRONGATOR Bench Vise – 721Q/6-US

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  • Irongator quick-release mechanism allows for quick adjustment of the jaws
  • UniPRO Slides allows the vise to move smoothly
  • Includes a anvil area and angled jaws to work with round materials

Cutting a steerer? You’ll want a vise. Shortening a bolt? You’ll want a vise. Removing or installing shock bushings? You’ll need a vise.

It’s crazy how much easier so many tasks are made when you’ve got a good bench vise available and our engineer’s vise is one of the best. It features our quick release system which disengages the lead screw so you can quickly open or close the vise as far as you need to clamp your workpiece. Cast iron construction, as any good vise should be, provides a heavy and strong base with which to work from. There’s even an anvil for the times you need to pound something into submission. Our 125mm model is perfect for smaller workspaces or shops that know they won’t be needing something heavier duty.

The hardened steel jaws are replaceable with aluminum inserts for those more sensitive work pieces, as well. Finally, there’s a set of pipe jaws tucked away underneath the flat jaws for those times you need to secure round stock.