14mm Socket and 8mm Hex Ratchet Wrench – 1621/1ABI-US

Product No. 624943

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  • Double-sided ratchet includes 14mm socket and 8mm hex
  • 75 tooth ratchet for quick, solid engagement
  • Dual-material handle holds up to years of shop use

In stock

Square-taper cranks haven’t disappeared, and if you’re tasked with installing or removing them, this one wrench will make quick work of both styles of crank bolts & nuts. One side of the ratchet features a 14mm socket, the other an 8mm hex. The tools are interchangeable as well, so if you ever face some other fastener a 3/8″ socket will work just fine. Having one wrench at the ready that handles both styles of crank bolt will make you a faster mechanic.

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