Spoke Tension Meter – 1752/2

Product No. 623302

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  • Even, proper spoke tension is key to a long lasting wheel
  • Measures deflection of a spoke and when cross referenced with the included table, provides actual spoke tension
  • Calibration bar included to ensure accuracy
  • Contained within a protective case including a SOS foam cutout

In stock

Unior’s universal spoke tension meter easily measures the spoke tension on any kind of spoke. The analog spoke tension meter arrives calibrated and ready to use. To use, simply press the handle, position the spoke between the two pins and release the handle. The properly designed gauge is easy to read. The measured value is then cross referenced in the spoke information table, from where you read the actual tension, based upon the spoke specification. The printed table is included with the tool, together with more precise usage instructions. Additional included feature on the tool is also a spoke thickness gauge, which helps with the whole process. Simply insert the spoke in one of the upper openings and read the spoke thickness value.

The tool includes a conversion chart to take the reading from the tensiometer and give you an accurate kgf measurement dependent on the type of spoke you’re working with. If you’ve lost that, you can download a PDF of the manual here.

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