Thru-axle Adaptor for Pro Road Stand

Product No. 628710

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  • Securely holds 12 or 15mm thru axles to the Pro Road Stand
  • Quickly adjust the mount between axle sizes with the turn of a knob

In stock

It’s not uncommon to see thru axle forks on road bikes these days, especially with the increased adoption of disc brakes. To help you quickly mount a thru-axle equipped bike into our 1693R series of repair stands we’ve come up with this clever mount that simply slips over the support beam of the Pro Road Stand and grabs hold of that axle.


It’s made of welded steel so you’ll be able to put some force into the bike and not worry about the clamp giving up on you. It’s low-profile so it can be left on the stand alongside the QR mount, simply loosen the fixing bolt underneath and slide it out of the way.

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