Narrow 2 Drawer Tool Cabinet – 943P5-TR

Product No.627172


  • Durable, lead-free finish
  • Ball-bearing slides for the drawers
  • Pairs well with our SOS tool trays
  • Can be used in conjunction with our work bench tops and another cabinet or set of legs to make the ultimate workbench

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Our Narrow 2 Drawer cabinet can be paired with another cabinet (wide or narrow, depending on bench top width) or a set of legs to create the ideal work bench for your shop. 2 lockable drawers  open on ball-bearing slides and a lockable storage cabinet underneath allows for storage of larger items. The finish is a lead-free lacquer that will hold up to the rigors of any shop.

Our SOS tool trays fit perfectly within the drawers and help to keep your shop organized and efficient. Each drawer has a 50kg capacity.

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