It is inevitable that at some point you’ll need to replace your tires. Hopefully, it’s because you’ve been riding so much they’re simply worn. It could also be that they’re cut from some freak roadside debris, or maybe that last minute adventure down that gravel road wasn’t the best choice on your race tires. Either way, there will come a day when new tires are a must. When that time comes you’ll likely be reaching for a tire lever.

Replacing tires isn’t usually a difficult task but sometimes it can be more of a pain than it needs to. Rim manufacturers have their internal tolerances as do tire manufacturers. When you match a rim on the larger side with a tire that’s a bit smaller you’ll be happy to have a set of Unior tire levers handy.

Our levers feature a glass-fiber reinforced construction which is significantly stronger than the plain plastic used in other levers. We also designed the business end of ours with a wide tip which makes them safe to use on carbon rims. Lastly, the other side features a convenient hook to secure the lever to a spoke. Super handy when you need to use more than one for those particularly stubborn tires.

A tire lever probably isn’t something you put much thought into, but when you need them you’ll be happy to have a set of levers that are made well.

Through the remainder of 2017 enjoy a free pair of our tire levers with any order over $50.00! They’re available in red, black, or green.