We’re a little late getting this out this week, our apologies. It’s been a bit busy around the Unior USA office lately.

Regardless, this week’s Tool of the Week is our 193HX-US T-handle hex wrench set. It comes as a set of 8, or if you’d prefer to buy individually that’s a possibility too. Sizes from 2.0mm to 10mm are available. We also offer 3.0mm-5.0mm with a ball-tip on the long end, and we have a variety of Torx sizes to pick from. Check out our Hex & Torx Tools category to find them all.

T-handle Hex Wrenches

All of them share the same basic construction: a comfortable dual-material handle which, if you’ve seen the handles from other tool brands, is obviously the highest quality in the business. No flash lines. No gimmicky texture to make up for cheap materials. Just a quality part that feels good in the hand and is plenty durable. After all, these are the same T-handles you’ll see in automotive shops across the world.

The shanks are chrome-plated chrome-vanadium for strength, and the tips are black-oxide coated to ensure corrosion resistance as well as a precise fit since the black-oxide layer leaves the tool dimensionally unchanged, unlike plating or painting. Try our tools and you’ll notice how much better they fit than the rest.

As this week’s Tool of the Week, all Hex & Torx T-handles are 10% off. Try them and see what Unior is all about!