Our first Tool of the Week for 2018!

Those that have a need for it will immediately recognize it and either already have one or have been wanting one. Those that don’t might question if it’s really necessary. What is it? The mountain bike tread cutter we designed in cooperation with Schwalbe.

MTB Tire Tread Cutters

Why cut up brand new tires? Well, simple: because you’re chasing every tenth of a second possible down the race track.

While the variety of tire treads have certainly grown and the tread designs themselves have gotten better there are still a few limitations. One can only bring so many tires to a race, and manufacturers can only optimize for a finite set of conditions. In other words, even if tire manufacturers made an ideal tread for every set of conditions, how can you as a rider be expected to have the right tire with you come race day?

Further, conditions change. You might show up to a race a few days ahead of time to check out the course, get the lay of the land. How much do you trust the forecast? On Thursday the weather report might say a wet, nasty weekend. Come Saturday and Sunday it might actually be nothing but blue skies and hero dirt. But you only brought mud spikes…

Enter the 2730/4BI Tread Cutter. Customize your tires for the trail and conditions you’re facing. Don’t stress about losing straight line speed for cornering grip. Don’t worry anymore about how quickly the trail is drying and how squirmy the tall lugs on your heavy mud tires are.

OK, but what about for the rider that’s just out for a good time? The rider that doesn’t have an endless supply of tires at home to cut up for a single race weekend. That rider can find use out of this tool as well in freshening up older tires that are worn a bit.

If your tires have rounded off tread lugs a little snip with these will get those edges nice and crisp again, breathing new life into an old tire.

Designed in conjunction with Schwalbe tires the tool features a built-in depth gauge to ensure a consistent cut around the tire. The hardened tool steel pincers will last and the double-material handle is comfortable to help you get through all that trimming. Take 10% off through next Tuesday.