We’re back with another, unfortunately increasingly mistitled Tool of the Week. Things are getting busy around here, which is great, but sadly it meant missing out on the last couple TotWs. But nonetheless, here we are again.

This week we’re proud to introduce you to the 1621/2ABI Double-Sided Ratchet. Simply put, it’s a ratchet with a double-sided head so you can keep your two most commonly used sockets or bits installed at the same time. We sell them pre-loaded with a 14mm socket and an 8mm bit so you’ve got one tool always at the ready for both style of square taper crank bolts. In the photo below you can see we’ve got it setup with a 14mm socket on one side and a 15mm on the other, a good setup for any shop that sees a lot of cruisers or hybrid bikes.

Speaking personally, I used to keep multiple ratchet handles at my bench all the time because it was a good way to keep track of my sockets. Every so often the socket or bit I’d need would be lost in the depths of my tool box and it became easier (and faster) to just keep a socket handle attached to each of them. Keeping the extra handles around added unnecessary clutter and slowed down the speed of my repair work, so having something like this back when I worked in shops would have been a blessing.

As always with the Tool of the Week, you can get yours for 10% off the normal price.