Prior to joining Unior USA I spent the last 7 years traveling the world working for professional road and cyclocross racing teams. Three things never left my pockets: my cell phone, my wallet, and a multi-tool.

I always insisted on traveling with my full toolbox. My job was to be prepared and if the team had a really bad day I wanted to make sure I had the tools to repair or replace anything that needed it. But for quick, on-the-startline adjustments, nothing beat the convenience of a trusty multi-tool. Carrying three or four hex keys and a couple screwdrivers everywhere wasn’t going to happen.

The problem most multi-tools seem to share is that they’re made to be cheap. The hex drivers are sloppy in their tolerances and the size distribution within the tool always left me wanting, moreso lately. Shimano, for instance, has moved a lot of their limit screws to a 2.0mm hex instead of the more traditional Phillips or JIS style head. The business end of the bits within Unior’s multi-tools are made to the same high standards as the rest of the Unior tool line. No more stripping bolt heads when you realize your stem is a little to the left just before your ride!

Unior makes 4 multi-tools, all with a different selection of bits to pick from. The EURO6 features 3, 4, 5mm hex, a T25 Torx, and Phillips and slotted screwdriver bits. This tool will allow you to make most adjustments on most bikes. For those riding newer bikes with higher-end componentry the EURO7 is a great choice as it foregos the Phillips and slotted bits in favor of more hex keys, including the 2.0mm that’s becoming more prevalent in derailleurs.

EURO7 Bicycle Multitool

The EURO13 and EURO17 are the larger multi-tools in the line, both featuring integrated chain tools and valve core tools. The EURO17 also includes spoke wrenches for the most common spoke nipple sizes. These two tools are perfect for bikepacking & gravel events where you’re likely to be in a bit tighter of a bind should something go wrong.

Unior EURO17 Multi-tool

Take a look at the Unior multi-tool lineup and make sure you’re prepared.