Amber's Picks

When Amber’s halfway through the Dirty Kanza these are the tools she relies on

1666/2DP-US, 624905 - Rotor Truing Wrench

Rotor Truing Wrench – 1666/2DP


Designed to repair minor damage on brake rotors Two slot…

1657red, 624144 - Red Tire Levers

Tire Levers – 1657


Ergonomic shape is comfortable to use The set connects for…

Pro Chain Checker 1643/4, 617170

Professional Chain Wear Indicator – 1643/4


Provides a quick and easy way to determine the wear of a…

1750/2BI-US, 624904 - Disc Brake Piston Spreader

Disc Brake Piston Spreader – 1750/2BI-US


Use to retract brake pistons when performing brake…