Sinter Smart Bedding Machine

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The Sinter Smart Bedding Machine will save your technicians time and money all while preparing new pads for the ultimate in braking performance from the first pull of the levers.

With a wide variety of different brake pads, brake systems and rotors on the market our machine makes it simple for mechanics to choose the proper mode to bed in pads correctly resulting in a safer, and better performing user experience.

Not only does the Bedding Machine produce pads that out perform parking lot bedded pads by more than 20% but the quick processing time saves you valuable time and money! In rain, snow or sweltering heat your technicians can bed in pads in just a few minutes.

With the processing time of bedding-in pads being substantially reduced this means that less hours are used allowing you to focus workshop efforts elsewhere and speeding up the overall bike build process.

  • For bicycle assemblers the machine creates a high quality, consistent level of finished product for consumers
  • Consistent bedding-in eliminates hotspots on the pad surface leading to quieter braking performance
  • Provides a more even pad surface than bedding on the trail or in a parking lot resulting in improved wear
  • With the adoption of e-bikes universal across all forms of riding properly bedded-in pads are now more important than ever to deal with the increased braking demands from a new generation of bikes and riders.
  • Our built-in stop/start functionality makes for a more efficient bedding-in process.
  • A USB port is also featured to keep the machine up to date with Sinters latest firmware updates.


  • Generated speed: 24km/h (Tire dependent)
  • V Shape Dual Drive Aluminium rollers accept all Tire types and sizes
  • Wheel sizes from 20” to 29”
  • Tire widths from 1.0” to 3.0”
  • 220v or 110v models available
  • Change direction for Front to Rear wheel via touchless foot sensor or on control panel button


W: 270mm H: 250mm
L: 690mm Weight: 22.8kg