Rear Triangle Spreader - 1678/2BI-US

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Picture this: You're in your shop, plugging away at a list of repairs, and someone comes in with a flat tire. No problem, you think. You know you can do a tube replacement in a matter of minutes. Then the customer rolls in their bike resplendent with its chain guard, internally geared hub, fenders, and so on. That five minute tube change suddenly is looking more and more like at least a half hour job, and that's if you're lucky. Now you're backed up, behind schedule, and the flat rate you charge to replace a tube is a losing proposition.

Enter the Unior 1678/2BI Rear Triangle Spreader.

Disconnect the non-drive axle nut, slip the spreader between the hub and the frame, and quickly & easily spread the frame away from the axle. On most frames & hub configurations you'll be able to create enough of a gap to slip the tire and tube through the gap while leaving the wheel in the frame. That half-hour (minimum) job now can be done as quickly as if the bike were a modern road bike with quick release wheels and no accoutrements to get in the way.

Once you've got that space made consider our glass-fiber reinforced tire levers to help get the inevitably stubborn tire off the rim.

Demonstration video coming soon.

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