Cartridge Bottom Bracket Wrench - 1671.8/2BI-US

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If you're tired of your tool slipping out, look no further.

The 1671.8/2BI combines our 1671.1/4 with a 350mm long handle for leverage AND adds a double-threaded screw to help keep the tool from slipping off both Shimano Octalink and Truvativ-style bottom brackets, so most traditional 20-tooth bottom bracket cups. The retaining screw is spring-loaded to self-adjust: you don't have to incrementally back the screw out to give you space to turn the bottom bracket cartridge as you would if you were to just use a crank bolt to keep the socket in place.

The retaining screw can either be hand-tightened or you can use a 24mm wrench to secure it.

And, should you choose to, the handle can be removed from the socket part of the tool so you can use the tool as a standalone bottom bracket wrench, if desired.

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