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We are a full service supplier of Unior Tools, offering a wide range of bike-specific tools for hobbyists and professionals alike. Unior Bicycle Tools, like all of Unior’s tools, are made in Slovenia in 5 wholly owned factories by 2500 full time employees with full pension and healthcare benefits. We pride ourselves on our Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.


Unior USA News

Service, the Future of the Bike Shop.

We have a couple pretty strong beliefs regarding the sustainability and future livelihood of the brick and mortar bike shop. The bicycle market is undeniably in a transitional phase right now. Any shop that’s content to rest on its laurels and not change with the times is likely a shop that, unfortunately, will be closing […]

June 1 Price Increase

We’re adjusting pricing effective June 1. It’s an unfortunate reality that the cost of steel has gone up and the US Dollar has fallen in relation to the Euro. When we got word of the increase a while back we loaded up on as much inventory we could at the old pricing to keep our […]

Speed Nipple Bits Demo

I’ll admit that when I first came to Unior and was told about the “Speed Nipple Bits” I laughed. My sense of humor is not dissimilar to that of a 10 year old. Since then I’ve gotten to use this nifty little tool and every time I think back to my first days at my […]

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