Established in 2016, Euro Tool Works (Unior USA) is committed to
bringing Europe's best bicycle maintenance tools and accessories to the United States. We started with one brand: Unior Tools, and have since added Juice Lubes, Sinter Disc Brake Pads and Bleedkit.

The people that make up ETW have experience in all aspects of cycling from brick and mortar retail to international racing. That level of
experience gives us a strong ability to relate to both our retail and
retailer customers.

Chris Kreidl

Chris used to be, on paper at least, homeless. In reality, the open road was his home...

Travis Barnes

Travis has a beard. It is red.

Bruce Fina

Bruce is old and sometimes falls asleep in the middle of meetings.

Mark Downie

Mark is Scottish and, somehow, despite drinking copious amounts of beer has no beer belly. The mind boggles.


Webber is his surname. Nobody's quite sure what his given name is.

Fil Fina III

Fil is older than Bruce and does not fall asleep during meetings.